netVote is designed solely for online, or browser-based elections, and is the sister application to our successful networked polling place electronic voting and counting system – eVACS® – used for Parliamentary elections.

netVote supports both candidate and non-candidate elections.  Candidate election types include single member and multi-member, such as First-Past-The-Post, Preferential, and Hare Clark.  Non-candidate elections involve voters choosing between two alternatives -Yes and No – to reflect their answer to one or more questions posed.

netVote enables the creation of an election event comprising multiple elections.  Each election within an election event can be of a different election type.

There is no limit to the number of election events that can be running at the same time, potentially with different start and end dates and times.

netVote is available as a standalone application or via an independently hosted set-up.

netVote is tailored to each customer’s needs.

Features of netVote:

  • Two-factor authentication of voters
  • No possibility of repeat voting
  • Secure anonymous online voting
  • No link between voter and their vote in the electronic ballot box
  • Email advising voting is open sent to each voter with web-link and voting token unique to voter
  • Send Reminder emails to electors who have not yet voted
  • Send Call for nomination email to those eligible to nominate
  • An election event can comprise one or more elections based on different groups of voters or a single group of voters
  • Multiple Administrators who may have different access privileges
  • Ability to manually input vote data from paper votes if not all voters vote online
  • Counting can be independently audited