Secure Online and Electronic Voting Systems

 Highly Customisable Solutions

  • Complex Integration Capabilities
  • Flexible Pricing Models
  • Security Standards Certifications
  • Parallel Channels for Voice (telephone) Voting Applications
  • Hosted, Cloud or On-premise
  • Comprehensive Reporting


netVote is designed solely for online, or browser-based elections, and is the sister application to our successful networked polling place electronic voting and counting system - eVACS® - used for Parliamentary elections.



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Electronic Voting and Counting System (eVACS®)

eVACS® is a world leader in secure and high integrity election software. eVACS® has been used successfully by the ACT Electoral Commission, the Australian Electoral Commission and The Police Association (Victoria).


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Telephone Assisted Voting

Our system addresses the barriers for voters who are unable to access the traditional paper ballot methods, with an initial emphasis on vision impaired voters and the introduction of a voter assisted telephone service. This acknowledges the objectives of various Electoral Commissions’ commitment to inclusiveness of people with disabilities.

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