Company Information

Our Mission

The mission of Digital Elections Pty Ltd is to exhibit and pursue excellence in software acquisition, development, operation and maintenance to provide high integrity electronic and online  voting technologies.

Quality Policy

  • To provide Clients with products and services that meet and exceed their expectations, at a cost that they believe is value for money;
  • To promote product and service quality as being the responsibility of all our people;
  • To improve product, service and process quality continually, in a cost effective way, through process management, measurement and improvement activities;
  • To perform all of our activities ethically; and
  • To be an asset to our community.

Company History

Digital Elections Pty Ltd brings together the skills sets and technologies of its stakeholders, Software Improvements Pty Ltd and Stratum Communications Pty Ltd.

Digital Elections Pty Ltd was created from a shared recognition of the merit in transforming election processes from paper form to digital, and the merging opportunities for technology vendors in Australia/New Zealand with this transformation.

Software Improvements Pty Ltd and Digital Elections Pty Ltd

One of SIPL’s early achievements is the successful development of the first international, provable, open, transparent and verifiable Electronic Voting and Counting System (eVACS®).  eVACS® was first used in 2001 for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Legislative Assembly Election (and has been used in every Legislative Assembly and Casual vacancy since), with subsequent applications and system enhancements over a 17 year period of engagement with the ACT Electoral Commission (as at January 2018).

In 2007 a redeveloped eVACS® was used throughout pre-polling (2 weeks), and on election day, in every State and Territory across Australia, enabling for the first time electors who are blind or have low vision to lodge an independent and secret vote in an Australian Federal election. Versions of eVACS® have also been developed for partners in The Philippines and Papua New Guinea.

SIPL also provides online voting solutions. For example, commencing in 2006 the Victoria Police Association annually conducts hundreds of elections in which members are able to nominate (and in some cases be endorsed as a nominee) online, and then vote online.  SIPL has continued to provide minor enhancements on request over the last 12 years.  This year SIPL has provided to the ACT Electoral Commission an enhanced version of their online voting system that they have been using for Enterprise Agreement elections since 2009.  The newer version also includes candidate elections of first-past-the post, preference, and Hare-Clark types.

Stratum Communications Pty Ltd

Stratum Communications Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s few specialised and independent IVR developers, and has been in operation since 1994. Over that time, we have undertaken numerous system integrations involving complex database and third-party voice-switching technologies.

Stratum operates with full ISO:9001:2008 Quality accreditation. Our systems are built to meet extreme levels of performance, including 99.995% availability.

Stratum’s systems in the field currently process around 40 million calls per annum.

The required functionality of telephone voting systems is a logical application of industry standards for IVR (Interactive Voice Response), sometimes referred to as automated telephony.

Our local Focus: Based in Melbourne, Stratum has implemented systems in all States, with the exception of Tasmania. We do acknowledge the preference for States to buy local where possible, however sometimes specialist services do need to be sourced interstate.